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 Viva Brasil's music,  melodies, harmonies, floor shaking rhythms, and smokin' solos keep fans, and a following  of happy people  asking for more  all around the world.

In the beginning, Claudio Amaral started his US musical journey with percussionist Jaime Collaco whom he met while playing in the streets of San Francisco. Pianist  Aflredo Cardim and drummer Lenny Rioforgiato joined the group for the next  year or two.  Moving on,  Claudio continued to combine highly creative  musicians from Brasil and the United States to create a unique mix of world music. That mix included his life time friend  from his first band in Brasil drummer Rubens Moura Jr.  

In the US, he met pianist Jay Wagner, w co-wrote  many of the band's earlier hits.  Bassist  Eddie Soleta  and percussionist Kent Middleton completed the band.  They recorded their  first album, which included the hit "Skindo le-le"  produced by Mark Rosengarden 
on Sugarloaf Records owned by Bill Hooks.

The band toured  South and North America bringing their own mix of Brazilian and world music to people world wide. Michael Boe and Chalo Eduardo joined the band in the 80's and took the band  to a higher level with their showmanship.  San Francisco Carnaval was forever established as the greatest party in the Bay Area due in part  of the group's  outstanding performances.  

In the 90's, Viva Brasil,  joined by world class musicians, Marcos Silva on keyboards, Jeff Buenz on bass and guitar, Andrew Buffington and Celso Alberti on drums, and many guest musicians, Viva Brasil  was a musical power house, a wall of sound, and fresh ideas.  The band produced two CDs  Festa  and Messages released by Michael Kirsch's 7 Bridges Recording company.

Viva Brasil also recorded with such great   musicians,  jazz singers,  and vocalists like  Stan Gets, Martinho da Vila, Airto Moreira, Mark Murphy and Japanese pop singer Yasuko Agawa, to name a few. 

Viva Brasil toured Europe, South America and Asia and  exposed thousands of people to the richness of Brazilian music.

It is rare when a band is able to stand  the test of time gracefully, and continue to entertain  so many people,  with so much soul. This can only be accomplished playing music straight from the heart.

Discography: www.7bridges.net